Our Favorite Espresso Machine

What is our Favorite Espresso Machine?

Espresso has become a huge part of American culture in recent years and is a key component in a number of incredibly delicious (and high selling) beverages. At Miss Lilys Cafe, we use a few different machines, and in this post, will discuss exactly what went in to picking the one we use the most!

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How to Choose an Espresso Machine

As the demand for espresso grows, so too does the demand for a high quality espresso machine. Machines can range in price and quality from $60 to a couple thousand dollars. Choosing the machine that is right for you depends solely on your needs as a consumer, and what you will be using it for. A student for example may not want something extremely expensive, and may opt for something cheap like the D60 Pixie by Nespresso. A cafe owner may want something a little bit more robust, high quality, and ultimately more expensive.

When you are making your selection, be sure to take factors like how it brews (semi automatic vs automatic) and its features into account.

Different Types of Machines to Consider

Semi automatic machines are what you will most commonly find used both commercially and privately. They are incredibly reliable, produce great flavor, and give hardcore espresso lovers just enough control to make the brewing process fun. Super automatic machines take all the guesswork out of brewing, and automate the entire process. They will usually be more expensive, but if you are brewing espresso at scale, could be a worthwhile investment for you.

What is the Best Kind to Choose?

This is entirely up to the end user. I recommend going online and researching the most popular models that people buy, then comparing their pros and cons and making a judgement call based off of your individual needs. You can find a great list of the best espresso machines here (it will be a good place to start and features some of the most popular models on the market). Be sure to compare price, features, and of course, check out user reviews before purchasing.

Is a High End Machine Really Worth it?

Running a cafe, the investment made in a high quality machine paid its weight back tenfold. The reasoning is this: if someone comes in and gets an espresso, they will either love it or hate it (being in the middle is as good as hating it). If they love it, you just got a returning customer who may come to you for their daily espresso. If they hate it, they will not only tell their friends, but they most likely won’t come back, so you’ve just lost a source of recurring income and the machine will likely not pay itself off.

Of course, a lot more goes into making a great cup of espresso past the machine you use (we will go into this in another post), but for the most part, it starts with your equipment.



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